Мобильное порно

Busty porn actress Linsey Dawn McKenzie was born in England August 7, 1978. With 15 years she began to show interest in erotica and Nude photos. Her pictures were circulated in many agencies. In 1994 she was invited to the first professional photo shoot, where she posed in a bikini. Only when the pretty girl turned 18, she became a star without clothes. In addition to the career model, brunette tries herself in sexy scenes where she kisses and exposed without constraint. From that moment she was swamped with offers on cooperation with many porn studios. But sultry sweetie weighed and began to shoot for the British Studio the Score Group.
Bisexual brunette helped in many scenes. She can play hot mistress with big Boobs, and maybe a gentle gay, who missed the oral sex and the partner. Lindsey still continues to delight fans with his candid work, where despite her age she still looks sexy, exciting. If it is asked about the past and regrets about her choice of profession, you will hear from her confident word NO.